How it all started

I was sat at the Student Conference in a picturesque spa town of Luhačovice [lu'hatchovitse] in Czech Republic in 1996, I was bored and I needed something to distract my ever racing mind. So I picked up a pen and made my first drawing move (literally). I started drawing shapes and filled them with shadows, lines and more shapes and Goga style was born. 


I used to be quite playful as a child; I could play with anything from buttons to little glassie balls – I made hills from rolling the rug and then made them run down the kitchen floor as if they were late for school (don't ask) but don't worry, I also played with Barbie. I liked to draw but I wasn't a five-year-old Picasso. Just the usual stuff, hearts and flowers and princesses. I also drew floor plans but that's another story...

I promised myself to go back to that drawing but as the life goes, I never did. You could say I forgot about it. Fast forward University studies, move to England and a ground breaking moment when I turned 30, I found myself with a pen again. I vaguely remembered I had kept the drawing and I'm glad I did. The paper turned yellow over the time, all so much more it is so precious. So here it is to the Mr. Speaker (whoever you were), if it wasn't for that 'interesting' topic and my oh-so-uninterested myself, I wouldn't be where I am right now and you wouldn't be reading this already long first blog :-).